Friendly Neighborhood Patent-man

I had the opportunity to do something out of the norm and draw this at work last month. The client was excited about how it came out, so was I!


Study of Raptor

1st step to drawing a Pegasus. Raph and I pull out a Ranger Rick Mag to study the wings of a bird. I love daddy and daughter time!


Listening to JGivens Fly Exam album and this is what came out. I call it Flyface. Reminds me of 80’s Madballs.
If I could fly I would be scared. I like to think that if I was an animal I would like to be an eagle and soar above it all. In actuality, I would probably be screaming expletives while falling down after being kicked out of my comfortable nest. Ask my wife about our roller coaster experience.
I want to fly but I’m so scared, soar, but I live like there is a chain around my ankle. The chain is gone, it is not there and I am free.
I am free and I will soar!