Giraffe and Tiger

I’m really enjoying drawing molded and carved animal reproductions that are around the house. I’ve been adding shapes and images within the figure. Usually they are spur of the moment instinctual choices but sometimes they have deeper meaning.

I added photoshop filters to the two images above to add more texture. The two below are the original scans.



Hulia is a hula hooping robot from Blanklandia. She loves to dance and spin as she creates beautiful images with her brush point.

Happy Birthday Jennie!

In Progress?

When is a project finished? I keep seeing things in the background, however that’s what I think I love about it. I believe the white space opens up the imagination. What do you see?

And above is the gecko which I painted at the Prancing Pig in York.
It brought inspiration as it crawled up my bathroom wall.