Ok, so I’m entering a cocoon. Yeah I know, it looks more like a peanut, that’s why I’m going in for a while. Not sure when I’m coming out, but I need to master my craft. At least get a little better by concentrating on the basics.

I’ve been busting my butt these past two weeks but instead of worrying about posting two or three complete ok, sub par or so-so drawings a week I plan to come out producing at least one great work a week.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and I am on preparing for future opportunities. Lord I give this to you and ask for your blessing, thank you.



I needed to draw something different last night. Something with color. Something describing what I needed. I have a reason to continue illustrating as well as a reason to keep on living. I was encouraged at a Bible study earlier in the evening and by a post by Noah Bradley. Thank you!


Original scanned imaged next to Photoshop edited image. Not sure what this drawing says about me. I made this just after I got new gray Copic pens. I messed around experimenting with blending and how the pens actually worked. Then I blurred some portions of the image to create depth as well as trying some filters in Photoshop. A fun yet kind of scary piece for me.