Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

66 Ford

I was able to bless my brother-in-law and sister-in-law with these two pieces. He owns a ’66 Mustang and I found a picture of his car online and was able to surprise him. He enjoyed it.

She asked for a fun, colorful depiction of the 10 commandments that she could hang in their home as a reminder. I can’t wait to see them hanging in their home in 2016!

2016! I’m excited. It’s only going to get better!



Pup 1

Named PupĀ 1 because I’ll know I’ll be doing more of these. Not exactly sure it’s a dalmatian but it’s a spotted dog. I’ve always adored greeting cards with photos of dalmatians of them. So it was a true pleasure to illustrate this one.
I wanted to do this one in grayscale but I wasn’t sure since I had been doing so many in color and I didn’t want to “take a step back”. But I was ensured from friends on Facebook to go grayscale with this one. I think it worked.