Listening to JGivens Fly Exam album and this is what came out. I call it Flyface. Reminds me of 80’s Madballs.
If I could fly I would be scared. I like to think that if I was an animal I would like to be an eagle and soar above it all. In actuality, I would probably be screaming expletives while falling down after being kicked out of my comfortable nest. Ask my wife about our roller coaster experience.
I want to fly but I’m so scared, soar, but I live like there is a chain around my ankle. The chain is gone, it is not there and I am free.
I am free and I will soar!


30 Days of Hustle Challenge – Day 17

17. “Shut up and Grind” by Dee-1 of New Orleans has been my anthem for the past few months. Stop making excuses and get to work is what I hear every time! I’m having fun and praising God all the way!

The image above was inspired by today’s weather events. I coulda swore I saw a wooly mammoth out there today! It takes a community to take one down and it will take all the neighbors working together to dig out. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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